Domain Parking

Domain parking refers to the registration of an Internet domain name without that domain being associated with any services such as e-mail or a website. This may have been done with a view to reserving the domain name for future development, and to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting.

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  • HOSTNXT has exclusive tie up with, only company in India to provide Domain Parking and Domain Portfolio Management Services to small and mid size domain holders. Domain Parking itself is a new concept in India and zer0parking is one of the pioneers in the industry. Domain Parking is the easiest way to generate revenue from your domain name. Be it a new domain or a name that you have grabbed to build content later, domain parking generates quick add on revenue. Every reseller account will be provisioned with a Domain Portfolio Manager, to park your idle domains and start earning the revenue.

  • Domain Parking / Portfolio
    Domain Parking is an online advertising technique which is targeted at type in traffic that a domain name naturally generates. For example, a domain name can generate more type in traffic which can be monetized using a web page which displays pay per click ads on the landing page.Domain Portfolio is a collection of hundreds of generic or potentially high revenue earning domains owned by a Domain Investor usually referred to as a Domainer. Similar to shares, the worth of a Domain Portfolio is determined based on revenue it generates at present, expected revenue it can generate if developed as a website or portal.

  • How to build your Domain Portfolio?
    To build a successful Domain Portfolio, you must register or acquire domains that have potential for high type in traffic. The following are the simple rules that you can keep while acquiring domains under your domain portfolio.

  • Generic Domains
    Pick generic or simple or easy remember names. It might look like all the domains were already registered, but a focused approach will allow you zero in on potentially high revenue earning domains.

  • Domain Extensions
    Keep it in .com or .net as far as possible. The main reason behind this being they have international appeal and monetization will be open for all country users. But this does not mean you must not go for country level domains. Country level domains if properly picked can earn more revenue than a .com domain. Before going in for country level domains, do a research on what field will work better for them. For example, exports or tourism related domain will work for a country like Nepal than insurance. Also keep an eye on new domain extensions that pop up time to time and try to grab some generic names.

  • Next Generation Domains
    If you feel that you have missed out the domain revolution in 90's, don t worry. Keep an eye on upcoming fields like nano technology, online advertisements etc. Try and register domains in these upcoming fields which will earn more revenue than a normal domain over a period of time. Focused as well as accommodating: Acquire domains in fields for which Internet is generally used. Example: jobs, software, movies, songs, friends etc. You may also acquire domains in highly focused areas like medical tourism etc.

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